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When your mortgage term is up, it becomes open for renewal. This often causes stress and anxiety for many people, so they take the easiest way out they accept their current lender's first offer. However, this offer usually is not the best option, and often costs the client thousands of dollars in higher interest rate fees. These costs could have been reduced by a mortgage profession, working strictly for you. Let Medley Mortgages help you save money.

Banks know that mortgage renewals take time and that many clients believe that if they have made their payments on time the lenders will offer their best rates. Don't fall into this trap. We follow interest rates daily and can start securing your new rate up to 120 days before renewal to ensure you have the best rate available. We can switch your mortgage to another lender for no fee. We'll shop your mortgage to a selection of banks, trust companies and other financial institutions over 40 in all and make them compete for your business. Don't fall victim to the bank's first offer, let Medley Mortgages save you thousands and pay off your mortgage years sooner. For more information or to speak directly to a mortgage consultant click here.